Celebrating Tuolumne County's Film History


Tuolumne County has a rich history in the movie and TV industry. There have been over 200 movies and TV shows, from Back to the Future III, Unforgiven and Little House on the Prairie. Even John Wayne made a movie here in Tuolumne County.


The Jamestown Promotion Club decided to create a "Walk of Fame" to celebrate the rich history of the movies and television shows filmed in Tuolumne County.


The Walk of Fame committee started around January 2013 but talk began around September 20, 2012. This was when we had started talking about a design for the walk of fame.


So for the next two years the WOF committee worked very hard to put this together and now all of the medallions have been laid. A total of 30 have been laid in the new sidewalk on Seco street and one with of the medallions dedicated to Huell Howser laid next to the kiosk which is located at Rocca Park in Jamestown California

The Kiosk Panels

were designed by

Judy Grossman


Judy's website

Would you like to be part of Tuolumne County's Film History?


The Promotion Club of Jamestown is selling Personalize 4"X 8" Bricks for the

new sidewalk in front of the new mural on Seco street across from Rocca Park.

If you would also like to buy a Medallion please contact us.


Here is the order form for the bricks.


We have found 10 movies that were Filmed here in Tuolumne County and you can watch them for FREE or download them.


We also have links to watch them or buy at Amazon Prime.

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